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Take a Close Look at the NSX That Spent 20 Years Underwater


Tesla Cybertruck Prototypes Looking Increasingly Production Ready

The long awaited Cybertruck is expected to launch by the end of the year.

2024 Hyundai Sonata Gets a Striking Refresh Inside and Out

The mid-size sedan features full-width LED lighting elements front and rear and a new curved display inside.

It Looks Like the Elantra Is About to Be Less Ugly

Hopefully this means the Elantra N will also look better soon.

The Simple Reason Why Bob Marley Drove BMWs

By the mid-Seventies, Bob Marley could have afforded any car on earth. He chose a BMW 1602.

Traxxas Is Bringing Back The 1980s With Mustang 5.0 Notchback R/C Car

The Fox Body Mustang is part of Traxxas' Drag Slash "no-prep" series of scale R/C cars.

VW Dealer Apologizes for Racial Slur Found on Oil Change Stickers

The stickers were reportedly tampered with by a teenager on-site with a third-party cleaning crew.

10 Proper German Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap To Own And Maintain

If you're looking for some performance on the used market, these affordable German sports cars are ideal, and living with them is easy on the wallet.

Lamborghini Urus Replacement Confirmed for 2029, Will Be Fully Electric

Lamborghini plans to hybridize the current Urus lineup by 2024.

How a Device Invented In the 1860s Makes for Better-Sounding Porsches

Hermann von Helmholtz created a resonator to analyze tone. You can find one in your Porsche flat-six.

The 2023 Honda Accord Gets a Clever Hybrid Powertrain

Honda ditches its 2.0-liter turbo in favor of a hybrid system with two electric motors.

The Longest-Lasting Cars You Can Buy in 2023

Based on a study of more than two million cars, these are the vehicles most likely to last the longest.

Make Oil Changes Easy with the Best Car Ramps for 2023, Tested

Sick of the old jack-stand hustle? There is a quicker way. Elevate your oil changes with a solid set of automotive ramps.

We Put 7 Mechanic's Creepers to the Test to Find the Best

For easy mobility under your vehicle, a quality car creeper is essential. The Gear Team tested several to find the best for your auto repair needs.

The Aston Martin Valkyrie Is the Most Extreme Car to Legally Wear License Plates

The Valkyrie feels like a pinnacle of the late combustion era, and also a masterpiece.

Maserati Returns to Sports Car Racing With New GT2

The racer arrives with an engine and chassis borrowed from the road-going MC20 supercar.

How to Protect Your Catalytic Converter from Theft

Thieves are targeting catalytic converters in greater numbers than ever. You're going to want to read this—especially if you drive a Toyota Prius.

Lamborghini's New Transverse Dual-Clutch Transmission Is an Engineering Marvel

The eight-speed dual-clutch that sits at the back of Lamborghini's new V-12 flagship is amazing in more ways than one.

Honda Civic Type R and Toyota GR Corolla: Road & Track Photo Gallery

View Photos of the Honda Civic Type R and Toyota GR Corolla

$1 Million Adam Levine Lawsuit Claims Dealership Sold Him Fake Maserati

The Maroon 5 frontman says the 1971 Maserati Ghibli 4.9 Liter Spyder used a fraudulent VIN number, and likely wasn't a real 4.9.

30 Times Celebrities Hit the Road in Classic Convertible Cars

Cool people, cool cars, and plenty of windblown hair.

2024 Volvo EX90 - Photos From Every Angle

See every detail of the new all-electric Volvo SUV with our comprehensive gallery.

Hyundai N Exec Wants to Put the N Vision 74 Into Production

The coolest concept of 2022 might become more than a concept if this VP has his way.

Audi Says the RS4 Wagon 'Is Not Coming' to America

We can all dream.

Watch Every Civic Type R Drag Race Together

Front-wheel drive performance has advanced significantly in the past 25 years. Here's what that growth looks like head-to-head.

The 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Chases the Adventure Crowd

The new trail-focused model is Honda's most serious off-roading effort to date.

The Next 911 GT2 RS Is Rumored to Be a 700-Plus-Horsepower Hybrid

The thing about rumors is, well, who knows.

The New Aston Martin F1 Car Might Actually Be Fast

Preseason testing isn't a great indicator of a car's actual pace, but it appears Aston's speed in testing wasn't a fluke.

Reviving Lola, The Greatest Racing Car Company Time Forgot

Motorsports A-Z: Lola and Till Bechtolsheimer, ‘S’ is for second coming

Jeep Kills Cherokee, Breaks Nearly 50-Year Production Run

Pour one out for one of Jeep's most legendary nameplates.

The Most Powerful Cars Under $40,000 in 2023

Horsepower for the masses.

The 2023 Volvo XC90 Recharge Proves Good Design Is Timeless

The XC90 has been in production for nearly a decade, but it still looks and feels new.

2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS From Every Angle

We drove the most aggressive, track-focused variant of the 992.

7 Luxury Pickups That Add Comfort and Class to Your Work Week

Just because you drive a truck it doesn't mean you have to suffer.

The $158,000 Blown-Engine Acura NSX TikTok Dealer Dilemma

Should Acura cover the warranty claim for this NSX?

When Should You Change Your Oil?

Follow this simple guide to keep your engine humming a happy tune.

Toyota GT3 Car Test Gives an Early Look at Its Upcoming Sports Car

While it is unclear what the car will be called or when it will debut, Toyota's next GT3 racer is expected to bring a new roadgoing sports car with it.

How to Supercharge the Air Going Into Your Engine, Without a Supercharger

Intake tuning helps automakers harness the power of pressure waves, forcing more air into an engine.

The Challenger SRT Demon 170 Was Born From Spite

The team at SRT didn't appreciate being written off after the Stellantis merger.

Tesla Under Investigation by NHTSA After Model Y Steering Wheels Fall Off

NHTSA is aware of two separate incidents in 2023 where the wheel detached from the column.

The Weakest Aspect of the 2023 Ford Escape

The 2023 Ford Escape has its highs and lows. The weakest park of the Escape is its performance, which lags behind its main rivals. The post The Weakest Aspect of the 2023 Ford Escape appeared first on MotorBiscuit.

The Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Is One of the All-Time Great Sport Sedans

It might not have a V-8, but it deserves your love.

Nissan Is EV-Swapping an R32 Skyline GT-R

The automaker said the idea came from an engineer infatuated with the GT-R.

The 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto Is Already Sold Out for Two Years

Most of the people hadn't even seen the car before putting their names on the list, says CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

2023 Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance Get 621 HP, New Differential

The company intends to be all-EV by 2026, but in the meantime it's boosting outputs for its V-8 super wagon.

The 2024 GMC Hummer SUV Is Convincing People to Go EV

No one needs a 4.5-ton truck that can chase a GT-R down a drag strip. But one number pauses my eye roll: 70. That’s the percentage of deposits that come from first-time EV buyers.

2023 Corvette Z06 Pops Engine After Only 52 Miles, Owner Documents Saga on Video

The car's LT6 V-8 began to rattle and smoke after losing power on the highway.

The Ferrari Purosangue Makes You Forget It's an SUV

With the world's most clever suspension system and a marvelous V-12, Ferrari has managed to create the ultimate SUV.

Lamborghini Details the Aventador Successor's New 6.5-Liter Hybrid V-12

The 1001-hp unit is slated to power the Aventador successor arriving later this year.

How Chevrolet Managed To Kill The Iconic Camaro Muscle Car Without Even Trying

The Camaro was once among the most celebrated muscle cars, but now Chevrolet is killing its only muscle car after years of struggle.